Intensive Literacy and Numeracy – Refugee English Fund

Funding and payments


Funding for the Refugee English Fund is set through the Government’s annual budget process. The TEC allocates the amount of Refugee English funding payable to a tertiary education organisation (TEO) in accordance with the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment's Specialised English for Speakers of Other Languages funding mechanism (PDF, 400 Kb) under section 159L of the Education Act 1989.

When allocating funding, we will consider:

  • whether the TEO is eligible for funding
  • the nature of the provision offered by the TEO
  • the TEO's past performance.

Once funding is allocated and approved via an Investment Plan, we will monitor the activities of a TEO against those outlined in their Investment Plan.

Funding rate

Refugee English Fund allocations are based on the usual fees charged by the TEO for a place on the ESOL qualification. This funding covers the cost of learner fees only, as the Student Achievement Component (SAC) is the Government’s contribution towards teaching and learning.

TEOs will also receive additional provision of $400 per learner place for pastoral care for Refugee English Fund learners. This funding is to be used for supporting the educational achievement of Refugee English fund learners and may also be shared with other refugee learners at the TEO. 


Payments are made in monthly instalments, on the first banking day of each month.

Recovery of funding

The TEC will recover funding if a TEO receives funding that is greater than it should have been, or that it was not entitled to receive. See Condition REF009.

Recovery of unused Refugee English Fund funding will be based on the number of approved learner places not filled and the learner fees to be charged by the TEO if the places had been filled. This means that where a TEO does not deliver the number of places agreed in its Investment Plan, all Refugee English Fund funding associated with those unused places will be recovered.

Any recovery of funds is informed by the final report for the funded calendar year.

  • Last changed: 16 February 2016
  • Last verified: 16 February 2016