Centres of Research Excellence

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The Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) Fund was established in 2001 to encourage the development of excellent tertiary education-based research that is collaborative, strategically focused and creates significant knowledge transfer activities.

CoREs are inter-institutional research networks, with researchers working together on commonly agreed work programmes. CoREs make a contribution to New Zealand’s development and link to user groups. They also build research capacity and capabilities through post-graduate programmes and the training of new researchers.

The CoREs Fund is allocated in accordance with the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment’s funding mechanism issued under section 159L of the Education Act 1989. Funding from the CoREs Fund is determined through a fully contestable process. Funding is allocated and monitored through a funding arrangement with the TEC.

The first CoREs were established in 2002 and a further funding round was undertaken in 2006/07.The 2013/14 CoREs round was fully contestable. Six CoREs were selected to be funded through to 2020.

In May 2014 the Government announced a 2014/15 general selection round and a CoRE focused on Māori research selection round. This will add another four CoREs to the six CoREs that were selected through the 2013/14 selection round. Information about the additional four CoREs is set out in a supplement to the funding mechanism


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