Search and Rescue (ACE)

Monitoring and reporting


All tertiary education organisations (TEO) that receive Search and Rescue (SAR) Adult and Community Education (ACE) funding will be monitored against the performance indicators and delivery commitments agreed with us through the Investment Plan.

If the TEO has not met the required levels of performance, the TEC may:

  • use the level of performance to inform future funding decisions
  • recover funding if the TEO has not met a condition of funding imposed in its Investment Plan funding approval letter.


The TEO must collect and retain the information specified for the Single Data Return (SDR) in accordance with the SDR Manual and its appendices.

A TEO must also provide SAR (ACE) expenditure report for each calendar year no later than the 31st of March the following year.

  • Last changed: 22 February 2016
  • Last verified: 22 February 2016