Search and Rescue (ACE)

Who applies? ITPs, PTEs, Wānanga Fund focus: Learning focus, Adults
Status: Ongoing Agreed through? Investment Plan (on Plan)

The purpose of the Adult and Community Education (ACE) fund is to provide community-based education that meets community learning needs.

The Search and Rescue (SAR) funding pool within ACE supports volunteers to acquire the skills and accreditation they need to perform search and rescue operations.

Because the focus is on training volunteers, funding is intended for targeted, skills-based short awards (under 40 credits each), including training schemes.

The TEC funds tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to provide SAR training to learners who are nominated by New Zealand Search and Rescue (NZSAR) (or an organisation recognised by NZSAR). NZSAR provides strategic leadership to the New Zealand Search and Rescue sector, and works alongside organisations and individuals that provide search and rescue services.

The TEC funds SAR (ACE) provision via an Investment Plan. Currently, the TEC provides SAR (ACE) funding to Tai Poutini Polytechnic.


The funding mechanism for the SAR (ACE) Fund is issued by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for the TEC to allocate the funding, and details how we administer the fund. Allocating this fund helps support achievement of government policy and the Tertiary Education Strategy.

A TEO that receives SAR (ACE) provision funding is required to:

  • comply with the requirements of the Education Act 1989 (including achieving outcomes specified in its Investment Plan)
  • comply with the funding conditions specified in the TEO's Investment Plan funding approval letter.
  • Last changed: 22 February 2016
  • Last verified: 22 February 2016