Educational performance reports for 2015 now available

18 October 2016

We have published the 2015 Educational Performance Indicator (EPI) reports for tertiary education organisations on our website today.

This year there are two different sets of reports: one using the existing methodology and one using the new methodology. These are:

  1. A new report showing the 2015 educational performance of TEOs. This report uses a new publication format and shows rates for the new cohort-based qualification completion and first-year retention rates, in addition to the existing course completion and progression rates. Note that these new reports are not currently available for ITOs.
  2. A second report showing the 2015 educational performance of a TEO using our existing publication template and methodologies for the course completion rate, EFTS-weighted qualification completion rate, retention rate, and progression rate that have been used since 2009.

We will publish two sets of reports for this year and next year as we transition to the new rates. Please note this is a correction to what we said in the previous TEC Now where we stated we would publish two sets of reports for three years.

Who to contact for help

If you have any questions please contact your Investment Manager or the Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301.

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