Gateway: Three-month student outcomes reminder and updated Workspace 2 guidance

19 March 2015

This TEC Now is a reminder that the three-month student outcomes for 2014 Gateway-funded learners are due soon, and provides additional guidance on using Workspace 2.

Reminder: 2014 three-month outcomes due soon

As a condition of receiving Gateway funding, you are required to submit three-month outcomes for students that participate in Gateway 90 days after they complete their Gateway placements.

For 2014 Gateway students, this 90 day mark will either have arrived already, or will arrive on 1 April 2015. Three-month outcomes for 2014 Gateway students should continue to be submitted to the TEC using the Electronic Reporting System (ERS). 

As you will be aware, from 2015 Gateway onwards, ERS is being decommissioned and will be replaced by Workspace 2. It is currently anticipated that ERS will be decommissioned at the end of April 2015. 

You must therefore ensure 2014 three-month student outcomes are submitted as soon as the 90 day mark is reached. This will ensure the TEC can process the information and transfer it to its data warehouse system before ERS is decommissioned.  

For 2015 three-month student outcomes, schools should use the three-month outcome form available from the TEC website. The process for submitting these details through Workspace 2 has not yet been finalised, but schools will be notified in due course as soon as this work is completed. The three-month student outcome form should be completed when students reach the 90 day post-completion date, and it is to be retained by the school for audit purposes.

Updated Workspace 2 guidance

As you should already be aware, you can now access your school’s reporting template for your 2015 Gateway programme through the new Workspace 2 online portal. 

The majority of schools have been able to access the system easily, and have started to compile their reports. However, some schools have provided feedback that they are having difficulty either in accessing or using the system. We have therefore added some additional guidance to the TEC website. 

For help in using Workspace 2, please refer to the user guides and instructional videos. The instructional videos are short in length, and we strongly recommend you take the time to view them. In addition, we have now published three additional mini-guides alongside the main Workspace 2 user guide. These cover:

  • Frequently asked questions;
  • How to use Workspace 2 in Chrome or Safari; and
  • How to change your Microsoft Excel from US format to NZ (if needed).

We are aware that some providers have logged into the system successfully, but then have been unable to log in a second time. This issue should now be fixed and you can now log out of the system using the log out button.  

If you still experience this or other issues in accessing Workspace 2, please contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk, which is passing on all feedback to the IT department. 

Finally, don’t worry if you submit your report to the TEC early (i.e. before it is due at the end of Term II) and then need to edit it. The Sector Helpdesk can release the report back to you so that you can continue editing. 

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  • Last changed: 19 March 2015