Youth Guarantee update

16 March 2015

This TEC Now updates you on the allocation of level 3 EFTS and the eligibility of learners who turn 20 years old.

Increased proportion of level 3 EFTS

In 2015, the percentage of funding available at level 3 increased to 30% as part of the Youth Guarantee (YG) mid-stage review.  Late last year, we contacted TEOs in specific regions to discuss shifting some of their provision to level 3 to ensure learners had progression opportunities. We were pleased with the response we received and we have now allocated all level 3 funding. Throughout 2015, we will continue to focus on ensuring the progression opportunities to level 3 are available to as many learners as possible across the country.

Your role

As a reminder, if your TEO is not going to deliver against all of the level 3 EFTS in your 2015 Investment Plan, please discuss this with your Investment Manager or Advisor as soon as possible.  Priority for redistributing level 3 EFTS will go to TEOs where there is limited support for learner progression in their areas. 

If you do not currently offer level 3 qualifications and want to either add one to your Investment Plan (for example, if you obtain NZQA approval for a new programme), or there is demand later in the year and you wish to shift provision to level 3, you are welcome to contact the TEC to discuss this further. Availability of provision will be contingent upon relinquished level 3 funding throughout 2015.

Maintaining the cap will require close monitoring of the volume of delivery at level 3. When making future funding decisions, the TEC will consider your success at attracting learners at levels 1 and 2 and any over-delivery of level 3 funding against Investment Plans.  

Eligibility of learners who turn 20 years old

Youth Guarantee provides fees-free provision for eligible domestic learners aged 16 to 19 years who are studying towards a qualification at levels 1 -3 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). We have recently clarified the eligibility of learners who turn 20 years old during their study on this website. Find out more...  


Thank you for supporting fees-free Youth Guarantee, and providing essential pathways to further education.

  • Last changed: 16 March 2015