Workspace 2 (IPI Project)

2 December 2014

Earlier this year, the TEC set up the Integrated Provider Information (IPI) Project to develop a new Data Collection platform that would collect all data and information from the Sector that was previously submitted manually or through the Online Investment Tool (OIT).

The new Data Collection Platform, Workspace 2, will be implemented by the IPI Project in early 2015. Workspace 2 is an online secure platform, which will collect data and information from the Sector outside of the ITR and SDR systems.

This new system will benefit the Sector and TEC in a number of ways:

  • It’s a single secure place to upload data that is not already handled by the SDR or ITR
  • Person agnostic – this data collection platform can be accessed by anyone that the provider gives permission to from within their organisation
  • Secure online access to reports and summaries
  • It reduces the total number of entry points to data submission tools.

Initial information about Workspace 2 is available to view on this website. We will be adding to this as more information becomes available in early 2015.

Access to Workspace 2 will be available through the Workspace 2 webpage in early 2015.

  • Last changed: 2 December 2014