Upgrade to Workspace 2

25 May 2015

The Workspace 2 system has been upgraded to provide new functionality.

If you are a Workspace 2 provider this will mean:

  • You will now receive all documentation from the TEC (eg funding letters, monitoring reports) on Workspace 2. We will no longer upload documents to Workspace.
  • We will soon begin migrating documents dated January 2014 or later from Workspace to Workspace 2. You should save any documents that pre-date January 2014 as the system will be closed down later this year. As we also save all documents published in Workspace in our system, you can request these through the Sector Helpdesk if need be.
  • You will now complete commitment templates (such as MoPs and Performance Commitments) through Workspace 2. We will let you know when these are available. Please see Workspace 2 for which funds are reported through Workspace 2.
  • You can upload and submit documents, such as Strategic Intent documents and other investment plan supporting information.

To find out more see the Workspace 2 webpage.

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  • Last changed: 25 May 2015