Single Data Return (SDR) update

18 August 2016

We have amended SDR001 conditions for TEIs and PTEs and updated how to report your confirmed enrolments for the December 2016 SDR and onwards.


SDR001 – Reporting of confirmed enrolments

  1. SDR001: TEO to supply information and report to the TEC
  2. SDR001 (PTE): TEO to supply information and report to the TEC

The above funding conditions were introduced this year to capture confirmed enrolments who withdraw after the set course refund or withdrawal period and before the cut-off point for eligibility for TEC funding (completed 10% or one month of the course, whichever is earlier). 

The funding conditions require TEOs to report these enrolments. Please note this applies to SAC levels 1 and 2 non-competitive, SAC levels 1 and 2 Competitive, SAC level 3+, Youth Guarantee and Trade Academies.

We signalled in the April and August SDR TEC Nows that you don’t have to report your confirmed enrolments in your 2016 April and August SDRs, as set out in your 2016 funding letters, but that you will need to report these in your 2016 December SDR. 

We also indicated that we will:

  • provide you with a solution on how to report your confirmed enrolments for the December SDR, and
  • amend SDR001 and SDR (PTE) to take into account the changes to the reporting requirements for April and August.

SDR reporting solution

To enable you to report confirmed enrolments from the 2016 December SDR onwards, we have created a new Source of Funding code 31.

From the December 2016 SDR onwards, you will need to use the following when you report confirmed enrolments:

  • the new Source of Funding code 31
  • any Assist code (00, 01, 03, 04, 06, 08, 09, 12 or 13)
  • complete code 4 (Did not complete course)
  • the learner’s withdrawal date.

Please make sure your Student Management System (SMS) will be able to accommodate these changes before the 2016 December SDR.

SDR001 amendment

We have amended SDR001 and SDR001 (PTE) to confirm the changes to your SDR reporting requirements. A letter setting out the amendments to these funding conditions will be uploaded into Workspace shortly.

Copies of the amended SDR001 conditions and copies containing the tracked changes are included with this TEC Now as a useful reference:

If you have any questions, please contact the Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301 or

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