Reporting on 2015 ILN, ILN ESOL, WPL - TEO-led delivery

9 September 2015

Revised templates will be available on your Workspace2 soon. We will let you know when they have been uploaded.

Migrant and refugee data

We have revised the report templates for ILN, ILN ESOL, and WPL – TEO-led tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to differentiate between migrants and refugees (and their country of origin). The additional data will be used to support work such as New Zealand’s Refugee Resettlement Strategy.

We have added a new column to the templates called ‘Migrant or Refugee Status’. It has a dropdown box that you need to use.

We have added another column called ‘Country of Origin’ for TEOs delivering ILN and WPL – TEO-led provision. It also has a dropdown box that you need to use.

These revised templates must be used for 2015 reporting.

Further information on reporting is available on our website for:

We recognise that some TEOs may not be able to provide migrant and refugee data for learners who completed their 2015 enrolment in the first part of the year. Enter this data if you have it. If it is not available, select ‘Unknown’ from the dropdown box for Country of Origin and ‘N/A’ from the Refugee or Migrant Status dropdown box.

You must ensure that country of origin, and migrant and refugee data is correctly entered for all learners enrolled from 1 August 2015.  


Reporting to the TEC is a condition of funding.

This means all TEOs funded for ILN, ILN ESOL, and WPL – TEO-led delivery in 2015 must upload their second progress report on delivery to Workspace 2 on or before 14 October 2015.

The report must use the appropriate revised template and may be used to inform future funding decisions.

If you have any questions contact the Sector Helpdesk – email or phone 0800 601 301.

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