Reporting on 2015 ACE in Communities and ACE in Schools delivery

20 August 2015

This TEC Now was revised on 27 August 2015 to correct the ACE in Communities report date to 15 February 2016.

The TEC has revised the annual report template for ACE in Communities and ACE in Schools to differentiate between migrants and refugees.

The more granular demographic data is to support work such as the Government’s Refugee Resettlement Strategy.

You must use the revised template for 2015 reporting. The revised template and further information on reporting are available on our website for:

ACE in Communities

Reporting to the TEC is a condition of this funding (see ACE001).

This means all tertiary education organisations (TEOs) funded for ACE in Communities delivery in 2015 must provide a complete report on delivery to our Sector Helpdesk on or before 15 February 2016, regardless of whether funding is continuing in 2016.

The report must use the revised template and may be used to inform future funding decisions. Further information on reporting and the revised template are available on the ACE in Communities web page.

If you have any questions contact the Sector Helpdesk.

  • Last changed: 27 August 2015
  • Last verified: 27 August 2015