Report templates in Workspace 2 (ILN, ILN Targeted ESOL and WPL)

9 April 2015

If your organisation is funded in 2015 through one or more of the following funds, you can now access your organisation’s 2015 report template(s) using the new Workspace 2 online system.

The new Workspace 2 online system is currently available for these three funds:

The report template(s) must be completed for the period 1 January to 31 May 2015 and submitted to us before 5pm Monday 15 June 2015.

As outlined in Conditions ILN012, ESOL012, and WPL001, a TEO that receives ILN, ILN Targeted ESOL, and / or WPL TEO-led funding must meet the following delivery benchmarks:

a)   by 31 May, the TEO must have delivered at least 40% of the provision specified in its Investment Plan

b)    by 30 September, the TEO must have delivered at least 70% of the provision specified in its Investment Plan.

We will monitor your organisation’s compliance with this condition through the May and September progress reports.

Further information about reporting (and performance) requirements is available on our webpages using the link to each of the three funds above.

If you have any questions, please contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk.

Updated Workspace 2 guidance

The Workspace 2 online system is accessible under our Resource section - Website and Tools.

For help in using Workspace 2, please refer to the user guides and instructional videos. The instructional videos are short in length, and we recommend you take the time to view them. In addition, we have now published three additional mini-guides, alongside the main Workspace 2 user guide, covering the following topics.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to use Workspace 2 in Chrome or Safari
  • How to change your Microsoft Excel from US format to NZ (if needed)

If you experience an issue accessing Workspace 2, please contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk, which is passing on all feedback to the IT department. 

Finally, don’t worry if you submit your organisation’s progress report to the TEC early (i.e. before Monday 15 June 2015) and then need to edit it. The Sector Helpdesk can release the report back to you so that you can edit and resubmit it before the deadline. 

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