Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) update

23 March 2015

This Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) update contains information about External Research Income (ERI) declarations for 2014, PBRF funding wash-ups for 2014 and the indicative funding process for 2016.

Reminder about ERI declarations for 2014

PBRF ERI declarations for 2014 are due on 31 May 2015

2014 ERI declarations and audit opinions are to be returned through the TEC’s new Integrated Provider Information (IPI) collection system called Workspace 2. The previous ERI declaration form can no longer be used.

The template for ERI declarations is now available on IPI.  Audit opinions can be submitted using the upload document function on IPI.   

PBRF funding wash-ups for 2014

The TEC has processed data for PBRF Research Degree Completions (RDCs) for 2010-2012 from the December Single Data Return (SDR). This information is now available on your Workspaces to assist you in submitting RDC data in your April 2015 SDR, which will be used to calculate PBRF funding wash-ups for 2014. 

The rules for submitting RDC data are available to view in this document: PBRF - Measuring research degree completions - definitions and rules (PDF, 237 Kb)

Any errors in your RDC data need to be re-submitted through the SDR. 

For volume of research factor (VRF) and PBRF eligibility, changes to the current information for these courses can be made through Services for Tertiary Education Organisations (STEO). These changes will only affect the associated VRF or PBRF eligibility from the date they are updated. For historic changes to VRF and PBRF eligibility, make the amendments to these two fields in the worksheet and send only the information to be changed to in an Excel spreadsheet.

2016 indicative PBRF funding

The TEC will calculate indicative PBRF funding for 2016 following submission of the August SDR later this year. The total size of the PBRF pool for 2016 will be $300 million. 

The 2016 funding calculation will use Quality Evaluation scores from the 2012 round, and RDC and ERI information from 2012-2014. RDC data for 2012-2014 will be extracted from the SDR on 30 September 2015. 

Providers will be notified of their indicative PBRF funding for 2016 in Investment Plan funding approval letters.  

Contacting the TEC

Should you have any queries regarding your PBRF funding, please contact the TEC.

Universities, ITPs, and Wānanga should contact their Investment Managers. Private Training Establishments should contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk on using ‘PBRF’ in the subject line.


  • Last changed: 23 March 2015