Guidance for complying with the Ministerial Direction on compulsory student service fees

2 March 2016

This TEC Now contains information for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that charge compulsory student service fees (CSSF).

TEOs can charge domestic students a CSSF to help fund the costs of delivering student services.

CSSFs are regulated through a Ministerial Direction (PDF, 34 Kb) which was introduced with the intention of making the CSSF setting process and the use of the income it generates more transparent and accountable to students. It does this by:

  • enabling greater involvement of students in the setting of the fees
  • requiring transparency in the setting and administration of the fees
  • setting clear limits on what services should be funded through these fees
  • ensuring that appropriate limits are set on the amount that providers may charge.

Guidance for complying with the Ministerial Direction

All TEOs that charge a CSSF to domestic students must comply with the provisions of the Ministerial Direction. We have published a guide (PDF, 1 Mb) on the requirements. 

Example of good practice in complying with reporting requirements

View copy of one TEO’s annual report (PDF, 346 Kb). This exemplar demonstrates good practice in complying with all the reporting requirements of the Ministerial Direction.  

Who to contact for help

For information and advice on CSSF and complying with the Ministerial Direction, please email   

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