Feedback opportunities: Investment Approach discussion documents

9 December 2015

One of the important aspects of the Investment Approach is our commitment to working alongside the sector to co-create changes we are in this programme of work. We will be regularly consulting with the sector to support this.

This will include formal opportunities, through meetings and discussion documents, and more informal approaches including conversations with Investment Managers.

There are two discussion papers currently available on the TEC website – which we are seeking your feedback on. These are part of the ‘Quick Wins’ workstream. They are not directly relevant to everyone, but we would like to share with you so you can get a feel for the work we are doing across the whole tertiary education sector.

Educational Performance Indicators (EPI)

We are seeking feedback on proposed changes to the methodologies to calculate two of the educational performance indicators (EPIs) – the qualification completion rate and the retention rate.

These changes apply to tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that receive student achievement component (SAC) or Youth Guarantee (YG) funding.

You can provide feedback via the online feedback form, which is open until 5pm Friday 18 December 2015.

Making investment simpler for PTEs, schools and Community Education Providers (CEPs)

We are seeking feedback on proposed changes to managing our investments with private training establishments (PTEs), schools, and CEPs in a different way. In particular:

  • exempting small and medium-sized TEOs from the requirement to submit a plan from 2016 and
  • simplifying investment plan processes for those still required to submit a plan in 2016. 

You can provide feedback via a short feedback survey, which is open until 5pm Monday 21 December 2015.  

Tools and templates

In the recent Plan Guidance for 2017 and 2018 Plan Round, we talked about a second document(s) that would be available next year and would focus on the tools and templates required to submit an Investment Plan.

We are looking at some adjustments to these forms to make things easier for you and to help streamline the plan process. We will aim to have a discussion paper out with some initial ideas before Christmas.

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