Educational Performance Indicators publication process

27 May 2015

Educational Performance Indicators (EPI) from your organisation for the 2014 academic year will be published on this website in late July.

The format and information available will be similar to what was published last year. You can view this information on the Educational performance at individual tertiary education providers web page. Below you will find further information on the process we will be following.
Following the submission of your April 2015 Single Data Return, we have updated your organisation’s 2014 educational performance information and this is now available on your TEC Workspace. Please review the accuracy of the data and, if necessary, correct and resubmit it. The final date for you to submit any changes will be 19 June 2015.
After this resubmission process, we will process the re-submitted data and prepare it for publication and we will continue to keep you and your organisation updated on progress over the coming months. We will also work with representative bodies to discuss issues that may arise. Therefore we encourage you to stay in contact with your representative body over the coming months.
If you wish to remain up to date with the process, we encourage you to sign up for the TEC news feed.
We look forward to working with your organisation to ensure the information that is published later this year will be robust and useful.

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