Do you subscribe to our All Page RSS Feed?

29 May 2015

You may have recently received an excessive number of emails from this feed and wondered why.

The flurry of emails has been caused by the work we are doing to clean up our website content – to remove obsolete content, to update information and improve readability.

We know this may have been annoying. Each time we make an update to a web page it automatically triggers an All Page RSS feed email.

We have temporarily turned off the All Page RSS feed to stop this happening while we continue our update project.

If you also subscribe to the TEC Now, Update, Vacancies and Media Release RSS feeds you will continue to receive these. If you don’t, but you would like to, find out how on the Subscribe to RSS feed page.

Meanwhile, if we make any significant changes or additions to our web pages you need to know about, we’ll let you know via a TEC Now.

  • Last changed: 4 June 2015
  • Last verified: 4 June 2015