Decisions on PBRF Sector Reference Group consultation papers

3 November 2015

The TEC has released decisions on four Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) Sector Reference Group (SRG) consultation papers.

Decisions on the following four papers are now available:

  • Developing Evidence Portfolios – Operational Guidance for the Research Output Component
  • Review of the General and Canterbury Earthquakes Special Circumstances Provisions
  • Review of the Assessment Framework – Part 1: Potential Changes to the Framework

  • Review of the TEO Audit Process.

The decision documents and the summaries of the feedback received can be found on the PBRF SRG consultation papers page.

The SRG has also decided to consult on the reporting of the 2018 Quality Evaluation results as part of the release of the draft guidelines in 2016. The Ministry of Education has signalled it will review the results of the Annual Tertiary Education Organisation Staff Data Collection early in 2016 and will revise requirements after that if necessary. The SRG will ensure any revised requirements are accurately captured in the section of the draft guidelines that focus on reporting.

The changes to the consultation paper timetable can be found on the SRG consultation papers page.


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