Consultation on proposed changes to the Educational Performance Indicators

29 April 2016

We are doing a final round of consultation on the qualification completion and retention rate Educational Performance Indicators (EPIs).

Specifically, we are seeking feedback on our proposed changes to the feedback on the earlier December 2015 consultation paper. Feedback is open until 5pm Friday 27 May and can be done through our online feedback form.   

Initial feedback

Your feedback during the first consultation told us that we were on the right track. This included strong support for the move to a cohort based methodology for the qualification completion rate, as well as to change the focus of the retention rate to first year for longer qualifications.

Respondents generally supported many of the specific business rules that we proposed. Your feedback also identified a number of technical issues, which we saw value in investigating further as well as a need for further consultation.

Current consultation document

As well as seeking your feedback on our changes in response to the original consultation, we have developed some indicative rates for TEOs to show how the new methodology will work in practice.

TEOs will only get reports for years in which they have cohorts, for example if you only started operations in 2012, your first cohort will be created in 2012 and reported on in 2013 (levels 1–3 learners).

These rates are purely indicative and are separate from the 2015 EPIs that are currently being finalised.  In the next few months we will provide updated rates based on the finalised methodology.  We will also provide supporting base data files to allow TEOs to reconcile TEC’s rates against rates you may have calculated.

If you have any questions, please contact the project team at  or contact the Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301.

Other consultation opportunities and feedback summary

We remind you to also regularly check our consultations page where we publish all our consultations on investment approach initiatives. It is also were we post our feedback summaries for closed consultations.

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