Changes to funding information now live

7 April 2015

The way funding information is presented on our website has changed.

We have updated the funding information and conditions for 2015. Our changes include new content for each type of Student Achievement Component (SAC) funding to reflect the funding mechanisms for:

  • SAC3+: SAC for provision at New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) level 3 and above
  • SAC(C): SAC for provision at NZQF levels 1 and 2, competitive allocation, and
  • SAC(NC): SAC for provision at NZQF levels 1 and 2, non-competitive allocation (through the Investment Plan process).

Conditions on funding

Your 2015 Plan funding approval letter (or funding letter) contained conditions that apply to your funding. These conditions are now also available on the website. 

These conditions replaced the previous year’s rules and/or conditions from 1 January 2015.  The old rules and/or conditions that applied last year are archived in PDF documents for your reference.  You can find them on the conditions tab under each fund (with the Enrolment, Monitoring and Generic rules and conditions available on the SAC pages).

Funding information

The pages on the TEC website contain additional guidance and information that supplements the conditions.

The information has been updated so that it is simpler and easier to understand.  All the information you need to know for each fund is now available in one place and easily found using the Fund Finder.  We recommend you become familiar with the new content. 


If you have any questions about the new funding information or conditions, please contact our Sector Helpdesk.

  • Last changed: 7 April 2015
  • Last verified: 7 April 2015