Adult and Community Education data collection fields for 2016

18 November 2015

We are making changes to the data collection fields that you will need to report against for your 2016 Adult and Community Education (ACE) courses. We are doing this to standardise the data gathered from the ACE sector. This data will be gathered against each of the courses and activities specified in your 2016 Investment plan.

This notice is to give you time to set up your systems for 2016 reporting.

A preview of the 2016 report can be seen through this link (PDF, 32 Kb).  The final report template will be available in your Workspace2 in 2016.

Please note these changes are not for 2015 reporting; the report templates for 2015 are unchanged.  

What are the changes for 2016?  

Age groups

These will be in 5-year bands.  Currently age groups are in 10-year bands.

Age in years
(number of learners by age group)











Age Group Total


We have added MELAA (Middle Eastern, Latin American, or African) to the ACE in Schools report.  ACE in Communities providers are already reporting this information.  We have also added a category of ‘Unknown’ for both templates. This is to be used when an ethnicity is not identified by the learner.

(number of learners who identify as)

New Zealand European  or Pakeha















Total learner hours

This field is new for the ACE in Communities report.  Schools are already reporting this information. 


Number of  Learners

Expected Total Learner Hours

Total Hours Actually Attended by Learners

  • ‘Number of Learners’ is the number of learner enrolments for the course or activity.
  • ‘Expected Total Learner Hours’ is derived from the duration of the course multiplied by the ‘Number of Learners’. This is the delivery volume and will be used in recovery calculations.
  • ‘Total Hours Actually Attended by Learners’ is a performance measure and is not used in recovery calculations.  

Learning outcomes

ACE in Communities providers have been reporting the percentage of learners achieving the planned learning outcomes.  We no longer require this data to be reported in your annual report on delivery.  However you may want to continue to collect this data to use in Investment Plan preparation and applications for future funding.




  • Last changed: 18 November 2015
  • Last verified: 18 November 2015