2016 performance-linked funding information on Workspace 2

15 August 2016

2015 EPI affecting 2016 performance-linked funding calculation for SAC-funded TEOs is now on Workspace 2.

If you receive Student Achievement Component (SAC) funding, you can now review your organisation’s 2016 performance-linked funding (PLF) information on your Workspace.

You can also view any PLF funding adjustments to 2016 SAC funding, as well as information and underlying data on how the part-time rates are calculated.

You have until 02 September 2016 to review your PLF calculations and part-time rates and provide us with feedback.

The following 2016 funding will be affected by PLF: 

  • SAC Levels 3 and above
  • SAC Levels 1 and 2 (Competitive)
  • SAC Levels 1 and 2 (Non-Competitive)
  • SAC Levels 1 and 2 Fees Free Top-up
  • MPTT – SAC trades top-up
  • ICT Graduate Programmes.

How we calculate 2015 PLF weighted rolling average qualification completion rates

We use a three-year weighted rolling average to calculate the qualification completion rate to smooth the impact of fluctuating enrolments. We only use the weighted rolling average where the funding impact is lower than when calculated based on 2015 performance only.

All other educational performance indicators used for PLF will be the published 2015 rates.

This year, where we have used the weighted rolling average in the PLF calculations, the weighting percentages used were: 

  • 20% on the published 2013 qualification completion rate
  • 30% on the published 2014 qualification completion rate
  • 50% on the published 2015 published qualification completion rate. 

We have used different weightings if you don’t have a 2013 or 2014 qualification completion rate as follows:

  • where a TEO does not have a 2013 qualification completion rate, a 25% weighting has been applied to the 2014 qualification completion rate and a 75% weighting has been applied to the 2015 qualification completion rate
  • where a TEO does not have a 2013 or a 2014 qualification completion rate, a 100% weighting has been applied to the 2015 qualification completion rate.

Information on your Workspace shows both calculation methods, so you can view your results and see which calculation results in the lower impact. Please note:

  • information which has previously been submitted, reviewed and finalised through the Single Data Return (SDR) cannot be changed
  • these indicative calculations have been based on Plan commitments as at 4 July 2016
  • we will recalculate PLF adjustments for 2016 in early 2017, once all 2016 SAC recoveries and flexible funding payments have been calculated
  • the 2016 PLF recalculation will include:

      -  2016 Plan amendments occurring after 4 July 2016

      -  2016 SAC Level 1 and 2 Fees Free Top-up resulting from the 2016 August and December SDR returns

      -  2016 SAC recoveries

      -  2016 flexible funding payments.

  • we will consider applying PLF to Canterbury-based TEOs due to the ongoing impact of the earthquakes. We will engage directly with these providers about this.

PLF timeline for 2016 

12 August 2016


Indicative PLF information uploaded to SAC-funded TEOs’ Workspaces



2 September 2016


Final date for feedback from TEOs on their organisation’s PLF information on Workspace


Early November 2016


Letters sent to SAC-funded TEOs advising finalised PLF results and funding adjustments to 2016 funding to be made in December 2016 (if applicable)

December 2016

PLF adjustments made to 2016 funding

Early 2017

PLF recalculation and adjustments take place based on 2016 actual funding and details of all 2016 funding adjustments published

Who to contact for help

If you have any questions, please contact your Investment Manager, or the Sector Helpdesk on 0800 601 301 or sectorhelpdesk@tec.govt.nz.

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  • Last verified: 15 August 2016